FINAL PROJECT – Bus Eng 330 – Writing in the Workplace

The office environment exudes a certain professionalism reflected in the communication platform between workers, middle-management supervisors, upper management, and the top-level executives. The communication continues to the organization or company’s target audience, or the public.

There are a plethora of situations and circumstances that merit professional communication through a variety of writing styles or methods to deliver that communication.

As you develop the separate components of the final project, be sure you LABEL each part appropriately as I will be grading on whether you label your work and use a separate sheet for each part of the project. There are SIX (6) separate components of the FINAL PROJECT. You must review feedback on every assignment you’ve submitted in order to present a polished final project.

Below is an overview of the Final Project assignment, and when you submit, the different parts of the project should be in this order ONLY:

  1. Create a resume cover letter to an organization/company to      go along with your resume
  2. Create a resume that addresses the job      position you are applying for.
  3. The company or organization has      offered you the position you applied for, but      the pay and benefits are not quite what you hoped for. Devise a professional Letter to the      company you applied to that outlines a new salary and a revised set of      benefits. Explain why you believe this is a better alternative to the      initial salary/benefits offer.
  4. The company/organization has      accepted your counter-offer for employment and after two years of working      they have decided to promote you to middle-management. Create a cover      letter for the new employee that welcomes them to the company and      describes the Job Description attachment to the letter. 
  5. Create a formal Job Description      for the new employee that will serve as an attachment to the cover letter. Write a thorough job      description of your duties for the new employee that will take your      place. Recall all the categories necessary for a new employee’s job      description and ensure you have written a thorough job description.

6. You have interviewed prospective job applicants for your old job and have hired the perfect candidate. However, after a thorough review of the job description, along with the quarterly report figures depicting the growth experienced in their department, and consequently, the entire company, you realize that the duties and time required to perform all of the job functions efficiently exceed the limits of just one person.  So, I am asking the students to write an internal proposal requesting a change in procedure from using one employee to utilizing two employees for the position.

Using a memorandum addressed to your immediate boss or supervisor, Human Resources, Logistics Department, and the Finance Department, write an internal proposal showing that two employees are needed to perform your former job. Since you have just hired someone, you will be asking for another position to be added, but you must justify the numbers, position, growth in the last three years, and where this new employee will work, and cover the costs of a new computer, etc. All of this must be worked out in the internal proposal memorandum. P. 410, Figure 12-2 shows the components of a successful internal proposal memorandum. Here is what you need for the internal proposal: The memorandum, a cost analysis, a timeline analysis, and a description of the vendor.

So, you will have the following items in your Final Project, in this order, labeled appropriately, and turned in by ONE FILE ONLY:

  1. Resume      Cover Letter (One page only)
  2. Resume      (one page only)
  3. Letter      to the company that hired you with your counter-offer of proposed new      salary and benefits (one to two pages)
  4. Cover      Letter to new employee taking your place after promotion to go with the      Job Description of your duties (one      page only)
  5. Job Description of your duties to new employee (remember your feedback)
  6. Memorandum with an Internal Proposal to your boss and      staff mentioned in the instructions, proposing the addition of one new      position for your old job position. The Internal Proposal will include the      memorandum with essential components shown on p. 410, a cost analysis, a      timeline analysis, and a description of the vendor. Be sure you LABEL each      part of the internal proposal.

Your assignment of the final project must be in this order, and it MUST be contained in one file. DO NOT SUBMIT SEPARATE FILES! I will not be able to accept your assignment if you ignore the instructions or do not read them….that is on the student, not the professor.