Answers must be at least 8 sentences per question. No plagiarism, use references if needed.

  1. Diversity in the work environment promotes acceptance, respect, and teamwork despite differences in race, age, gender, language, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, communication styles, thought, and other differences. Discuss the following: 
    • What is the diversity stance of the company you selected from the approved company list?  The company is Home Depot
    • If you were starting a business that required you to hire new personnel, what diversity elements would be a priority and why? Explain. .

2.  Find an outreach event involving the same company you previously selected from the Approved company list. How does their participation in the event align with their stance as a business in the community? Does the company’s involvement in this outreach activity align with its mission, vision, values? How (or does) the company benefit from sponsoring the event? How do you think this event brings your community together? How does the community view the company sponsoring the event?

3. Describe three methods of building a formal network that would work well for your business idea, then discuss the benefits of each method. Next, select one network strategy and why it is appropriate for your business idea.

4. Discuss at least three fundamental drivers for establishing a new venture.

  • Then, share two common and available sources that provide ideas for these business opportunities.
  • Next, discuss any goals or motives that would drive you to become an entrepreneur. Be sure to support your response with insight and research.