Topic is Eggs and poultry product industry please include it is used for other purposed like meat , write an informative summary of your selected industry.  You may assume your audience is not familiar with the industry you have selected.

  • Your summary should describe the industry, provide examples of innovation in the industry, and include an industry outlook.
  • Your finished summary should be a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 750 words, not including references.
  • You should use a minimum of five unique quality sources of information to get full points.
  • See the full grading rubric for detailed requirements.
  • Reference should also be written.
  • Poor Acceptable Excellent Description of the industry Points: 2 (6.66666%) It is unclear what is produced and how it is produced Points: 4 (13.33333%) The production is adequately described Points: 6 (20.00%) The industry is described concisely Depth of Research Points: 2 (6.66666%) Two or fewer sources of information or sources of information are unreliable Points: 4 (13.33333%) Three or four good quality sources of information Points: 6 (20.00%) Five or more good quality sources of information Examples of innovation and evolution Points: 1 (3.33333%) The information provides a point in time snapshot of the industry Points: 2 (6.66666%) The information includes a point in time view with an example of innovation. Points: 3 (10.00%) The information shows the innovations within the industry uniquely and thoughtfully. Outlook Points: 1 (3.33333%) The student fails to include information on the industry outlook. Points: 2 (6.66666%) The industry outlook is included as a quote from a reliable source. Points: 3 (10.00%) The industry outlook is included and referenced with additional insight and the opinion of the student. Voice Points: 1 (3.33333%) The student’s voice sounds entirely artificial and/or inappropriate to academic writing. Points: 2 (6.66666%) The student’s voice sounds natural and is appropriate to academic writing. Points: 3 (10.00%) The student’s voice sounds natural, is appropriate to academic writing, and is entertaining in one way or another. References Points: 1 (3.33333%) Outside information is not referenced Points: 2 (6.66666%) Some outside information is appropriately referenced. Points: 3 (10.00%) All outside information is appropriately referenced Mechanics Points: 2 (6.66666%) So many grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes that it’s hard to keep reading the essay. Points: 4 (13.33333%) A few grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes—nothing that would slow down one’s reading of the paper for more than a second or two. Points: 6 (20.00%) At most, only a couple of grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes—nothing that impedes one’s reading of the paper.