The SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION as discussed in the recorded sessions and in the textbook is an awareness of the relationship between the individual or the smaller happenings in society to the wider society as a whole, both today and in the past. This awareness enables one to connect the dots between our immediate personal settings and the remote, impersonal society around us. The Sociological imagination goes beyond personal experiences and observations to understand broader public issues.

Using your SOCIOLOGICAL Imagination, discuss ONE of the following ‘observations’ in a one-page ( at least 3 paragraphs) essay, making sure to discuss the connections you see between the observations and the society as a whole.

1. You notice that in almost every class you are enrolled in BCC, the women far outnumber the men, you notice this as you walk around the campus too. Make the connection between your observations and society at large. 

2. You notice that as you walk around a neighborhood, most of the people you see are obese or overweight. Instead of passing hasty judgments on the people, what clues would you look for in the neighborhood to explain the situation you are observing and how do your observations reflect on society at large.