Step One:  Open a Microsoft Word Document.  

Step Two:  Develop and prepare your response for each situation below relating to Assignment Part A,  Assignment Part B and Assignment Part C .

Step Three:  Between each Assignment Part, insert three blank line to separate them.

Step Four:  Save the document as (student last name_first name___electronic messages


Situation for Assignment Part A:  Voice Mail Recording, worth 35 points

Situation:::: You will be away from your job as loan counselor at Hometown Bank for three days while you attend a professional conference.  Fellow loan counselor, James Lumas, will be stepping in for you while you are away.  


Situation for Assignment Part B: Appointment Script, worth 40 points

You are the office administrator for Medical Associates, a four physicians clinic. The four physicians working in the clinic are            Dr. Steve Cabano, Dr. Jane Kovlasky, Dr. Marcia Thomas-White, and Dr. John Lis. Develop a written voice mail message script that will be heard by patients and other parties who call the office after hours.  In your scripts, explain how callers can reach the voice mail box of each physician, the appointment desk, the insurance office, and the laboratory.


Situation for Assignment Part C: Callback Voice Message, worth 25 points

As an outside salesperson for industrial cleaning supplies, you call a client to see if you can come by his business to show him some new products.  You get the client’s voice mail that indicates he is away from his desk. You had called him earlier in the week but did not hear back from him. You are in the client’s neighborhood now and would prefer to call on him today rather than some other time when you would have to drive back to his area. What will you say in your voice message?