The surge of internet usage and digital technology has led to the rise of various social media platforms. Marketers are now riding the social media wave to engage consumers. Instructions: There are 2 parts to this assignment: 1. Select a brand (i.e. Nike, Walmart, Coca-Cola, etc.) that you frequently use. 2. Compare their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,  etc.) to their other digital and traditional marketing channels (TV, website, eMail). Please address the following: • List the number of current followers they have on 3 of the major social media platforms they are utilizing. 25% of grade • How do they leverage the use of influencers to promote their brand? 25% of  grade • In your opinion, and assuming a $1 mil ad spend, what percentage should be  spent on: 25% of grade o Social media o Other digital & traditional  • One-paragraph summary of concluding thoughts & opinions 25% of grade Requirements: • A one-page Word document with your name, title of assignment & date in the  footer