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Microsoft’s Atlanta division is looking for a Business Administrator to join their Azure team. This is a group role that is working on building a network that will be an internet platform capable of handling the 50 billion plus devices that will be connected in a few years. This job would be a great opportunity, working for a leading company in the technology field. The three quesitons I would ask in an interview are:

1. What are the changes iin the technology market that are going to require more devices to be connected via Microsoft?

The job description mentions that more devices will be connected within the next few years, and I uncovered this through market data from Microsoft, showing the growth of their networking. This question is important I believe because it will further explain the company’s growth.

2. Would this job be working against competitors to convert devices to Microsoft systems, or is it only devices originally equipped with Microsoft?

I know that Microsoft competes with companies such as Apple, Google, and Yahoo, and I am wondering if they think the users of these networks and devices will switch to Microsoft’s devices. 

3. Could this job lead to working in different positions within Microsoft? If so, what are the positions?

Lastly, I think this question is beneficial to me, the person applying for the job, as to if this position will be more long term or short term. With the project working on things happening in the next few short years, will the postion still be needed after then?