1. Read the case study assigned for this week (Gajjar & Shaw, 2014) and answer the following questions about the case. Your submission should be written in a professional business format that you could share in an organizational setting (white paper – 3-5 pages in length, single-spaced). Your paper should answer the following questions, with supporting evidence from the case:
    1. What problems did MICC face in the refurbishing project? What could the possible causes be?
    2. What might the consequences of ad-hoc project planning be to various stakeholders in this case?
    3. Using the data given in the Exhibits, how accurate is the project schedule estimate of “about three months” that Kukreti estimated after the review meeting? Do you see opportunities for improvement? Where? What tools and/or practices would you recommend in order to develop a more accurate schedule for this project?
    4. Given a choice, how would you have planned this project differently in order to avoid or mitigate some of the challenges in this case?
    5. Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.
      Gajjar, H., & Shah, B. (2014). Project execution dilemma at MICC. Ivey ID: W14566-PDF-ENG. London, Canada: Ivey Publishing.