Please answer each question with at least 250 words citation and reference.

1. A researcher is interested in exploring the experiences of international students who have recently moved to the United States to attend college. The researcher plans to conduct in-depth interviews with these students to better understand their experiences and challenges during this transition period.

Briefly define what is a research phenomenon. Considering the above scenario, then, what phenomenon can be identified in this research problem? How might it be explored through qualitative research? What other considerations are present for conducting qualitative research on the phenomenon identified? Support your view.

2. An educational researcher is interested in examining at least two variables and student motivation in a high school mathematics classroom.

Briefly define what are research variables. In the above scenario, then, what are two potential variables that might tie in with student motivation (the third variable)? What are the considerations to make for measuring the variables? What other considerations are present for conducting quantitative research with the variables? Support your view.