Follow the following steps to complete your assignment:

  1. Create a diet and exercise plan for three days. Incorporate  all parts of physical fitness (endurance, strength and flexibility).   Remember, you do not need to meet all fitness goals each day.
  2. Use the Diet and Exercise Plan Template (table)  to plan your diet and exercise for the three days.  You could use a  second copy of this template as a place to record what you actually ate  or the exercise that you actually did.
  3. If at all possible, follow your plan for three consecutive days.  During  the three days note down everything that you consume as you did for  project 1. Measure the time spent on household chores, and any physical exercise. Note type of activity and intensity of effort. Also include in your note how you felt, hunger level, muscle soreness, level of fatigue and any changes in your sleep. 
  4. Write a report on this project in a MS word document. Please write in full sentences, research and reference properly:
  5. Format  your work following APA guidelines, including a title page stating your  name, course number, session, instructor name and title. 
  6. The body of your report should have a minimum of 1,500 words for full credit. 
  7. References  are on a separate page; please include a minimum of three references in  this assignment (textbook, NutritionCalc Plus, and an outside academic  reference).
  8. You may use the first person in this report, as you discuss your nutrition and fitness profile. 

Answer the following questions in your written report:

  1. Did I like my food choices for the three days of record?  Was I hungry or did I eat enough to keep me satisfied?
  2. How  did my dietary intake for the three days compare to the recommended  levels.  How did the dietary plan differ from your food record from  Project 1?
  3. Did I meet dietary requirements for macronutrients and micronutrients?
  4. Did I  meet recommendations for physical exercise?  What would I need to  improve and change in order to increase physical fitness over the next  three months?  What is a good goal for physical fitness for me?
  5. What  was the most important topic covered in this course?  How will you  incorporate information learned in this class into your life?