Page.Informal Report Instructions

ASSIGNMENT: INFORMAL REPORT (10% of course mark)

Instructions: Select a product or service that you now use. It could be your cell phone plan, Internet service provider, local water or electricity company, the insurance company, or some other product or service you regularly use. Imagine the company must raise its rates, and you are the employee who must notify customers. Gather as much information as you can about the product or service. Why is the increase necessary? What benefits might there be to customers? 

Write a business letter to customers explaining the increase, using indirect pattern:

  • Use one of the Business Letterhead templates (MS Word)
  • Paragraph 1: Buffer 🙂
  • Paragraph 2: Reasons 😐
  • Paragraph 3: Bad News 🙁
  • Paragraph 4: Closing 🙂

See Chapter 9 slideshow for further information about the indirect pattern.

Language Requirements

  • 200-300 words
  • General language: no slang or formal
  • Positive, respectful, and professional language
  • Proofread and correct all grammar and spelling errors before submitting (use Grammarly and your own eyes)

Format Requirements 

  • E-mail or memo format informal report, in block style
  • From, To, Date, and Subject fields
  • Different sections with titled headings
  • One or more number lists or bullet lists (this list is an example)
  • MS Word or Mac Pages file format
  • Submitted via Schoology assignment link by 8:00pm (3 hours before 11:00pm deadline)