On successful completion of this assessment, students should be able to:

  • prepare a summary of a business idea clearly indicating the business purpose, consumer need, and potential for profitability;
  • demonstrate persuasive ability to create stakeholder interest; and
  • include pertinent information about the target market, and the potential for business growth in a succinct but inclusive statement.

Brief Description

All students will present the opportunity they have researched in units 4 and 6. This will include the business idea, how it fulfills a need for consumers, demographic and psychographic information of the target markets, the viability of the business from a social and financial point of view, and the growth potential of the business.

Submission Instructions

Prepare a paper that will be your script for your pitch and. Each paper should include an introduction and conclusion explaining the product or service and the decisions you made to include items within the script., should be 2-3 pages (double spaced), 2.54 cm margins (the default on MS Word), and 12 pts size . The paper should follow the APA guidelines for format and citation. In your assignment you should:

  1. Identify the problem the venture will address and its scope.
  2. Support claims about the problem with appropriate sources, including at least three academic sources such as books, juried articles found in the YU library.
  3. Demonstrate the validity of the idea and identify what makes this a true opportunity.

The first attached file is unit 6 and second is unit 4. 

Please do it according to the attached units as per question.