My Career Plan

Each person should take ownership of their own

career. Follow the steps below to help you get


Go to

Once there you will find a career aptitude test. You

will have 15 sets of 4 pictures that you will choose

which of the four pictures appeals to you most;

which appeals to you least. At the end of the free

career test you will discover your Holland Code.

You will also be provided a list of occupations that

match your Holland Code. Many of these you may

find interesting. Click on an occupation that you

find interesting and read about it. Does it still sound


On this site you will see many other assessments

available. Many that are valuable and free. Most

will ask you to take a brief survey to get the results.

That is left up to you if you wish to do so.

Armed with this data from the free career

assessment go to:

From here paste in an occupation you liked based on

your Holland Code and read the description. Do the

tasks interest you? Do you currently have the skills

and abilities for the occupation? Does it match your

work styles? Your values? Does the wage/salary

data fit your requirements? What is the occupation

growth outlook? Is it promising?

What steps can you take to close the gaps


What is a realistic time frame for closing those

gaps? Identify those that can be closed within 1

year, 1-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-10 years.

What barriers will you confront? Time, family

obligations, finances? How would you overcome

these barriers? 

i already completed my Holland Code Results. Shown in attachment as well as career choices.