Email is the most common form of written communication in a business work environment. Therefore, it is crucial that you know how to be correct and appropriate when composing professional emails. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to compose a professionally written email, addressed to your instructor, in order to receive feedback on your writing and document design. The purpose of this email is to formally introduce yourself and set some personal communication goals for the semester.


· Who: This assignment is completed individually.

· What: Write a professional email addressed to your instructor that follows the guidelines covered during class. See Instructions below for more information about what to include.

· Where: This assignment will be completed outside of class.

· When: Due in the D2L Assignment Dropbox by the end of Week 3.


1. In a new Word document, include the To/From/Date and Subject.

2. Use an appropriate greeting.

3. Organize your email in the standard 3 part structure: 

· Introduction: who you are and why you are writing

· Body: details of the message you wish to convey

· Conclusion: goodwill close and/or call to action

4. Since the purpose of this email is to introduce yourself and set some goals, use the body to answer some or all of the following questions as specifically as possible:

· What is your professional/educational background?

· What kind of work would you like to do when you have finished your program?

· What other writing or communication courses have you taken?

· What do you expect to learn in this Communications course?

· What do you see as your strengths and your areas for development in this course? (i.e. grammar, concise writing, public speaking, research, collaboration and teamwork)

· Anything else you’d like me to know about you?

Separate your ideas into 2-3 body paragraphs, using 1 paragraph per topic.