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In my opinion, change is not something you can prevent from happening. Changes may be either positive or negative. Everything will eventually change as time passes. In my experience, change is good. Without change, life would be dreary and tedious. Comfort zones are the most boring places in life. You follow the routine and can predict the consequences. However, you will be living outside your comfort zone, and it is time for your mind and belief system to change. We must find new ways to articulate who we are and what we believe. We could think that change is hard, but I feel it is prejudiced. If you step forward, your life will be different. It will be fun and magnificent. Have courage and achieve success. I want to tell you that you can find your talents and weaknesses by doing new things and adapting to changes. We must determine for ourselves the what, when, and how of changes to be made. As we see now, we can’t be here without changing. Everything in this world is changing every moment. Before the pandemic, I saw many people, especially those who had bad habits, and now I knew that the students were annoyed with his bad habit, so it was hard to talk with him. I guess he did not know what the problem was, but he realized that nobody wanted to play and stay with him, so he started changing little by little, and finally, some classmates opened their minds, and after a few weeks, most of them opened their minds and tried to be friends with him. Now, I am not judging anyone, but I believe that change is acceptable and necessary in our lives. I hope you will find your talent and use it in your life. I hope everyone will be brave enough to change and be happy. Last but not least, I want to tell you that change is beautiful, and I hope you will be fearless and explore its beauty by changing yourself.