HIPAA Security Violations and Training

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Your initial response to the prompt should be a minimum of 175 words and responses to others should be a minimum of 75 words in length.

 Protecting patient’s privacy is an important aspect of health information. Perform an internet search to find a legal case related to HIPAA Security violations that have been reported in the news and provide a brief summary of the case. What could have been done differently to prevent the violation?

Your initial post should include a brief summary of the case, location, and outcome. The results you and your classmates find will vary, but all should include the references for where the case was found. Your initial post should also include what type of training and the method of delivery that should have been provided to the employees as a result of the security breach.

You will then respond to two of your classmates posts by comparing and contrasting your case to theirs and explaining why you agree or disagree with the outcomes of their selected cases.