Hi, actually this is our group assignment. You need to do only last part. 

The instructions are at follows


Case analysis 2 is continued from case analysis 1. In this assignment, you will complete your analysis of your assigned case and turn it in for evaluation by your professor, as well as post it in the appropriate case Discussion forum for the unit in which your case is due. Your analysis shall suggest strategic decisions for the company and make recommendations for the company moving forward. You will review your previous casework and improve it on the basis or instructor and peer feedback


Your analysis should include:

1. A proposal for a new vision and mission that you feel would better represent the company.

2. An IFE and EFE OR a SWOT Analysis

3. Recommendations on strategic directions for the company that are supported by 2 of the following:

            1.  SPACE Matrix

             2. BCG Matrix

             3. IE Matrix

            4.   QSPM

4. Rationalization as to why recommendations are being made.

I had written the instructions for the whole assignment, but you only have to do the 4th point. My groupmates have done the first 3 points. So, you have to do only 4th point. I had also attached case analysis 1 in the files. 

You have to write 2 pages in APA style and two references minimum.