Written Annotated Bibliography
Objectives: Students will learn how to read and complete Annotated Bibliographies in Term 2
during OTAP 1210 Foundations of OT.  Participation in the program’s Journal Club will prepare
the students to identify how scholarly activities can be used to evaluate professional practice,
service delivery, and/or professional issues.
Instructions: During Term 2, students will read one journal article and complete one written
annotated bibliography.  The students will be provided their first journal article to read, jot down
notes, and complete an annotated bibliography class assignment.  The focus of the journal
articles will be in alignment with the content of the term. The specific topics will include:
 Evidence-based practice
 Advocacy/Marketing
 Leadership
 Management
Articles may be found at any of the following: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/;
http://nnlm.gov/training/resources/fulltexttri.pdf; or https://ajot.aota.org
To be completed when articles are read and reviewed:
1) Read the first provided research article.
2) Complete the annotated bibliography class assignment, thoroughly answering the
questions on the assignment, and be prepared for a class discussion.
3) Read the second provided research article.
4) Complete a written annotated bibliography to include a typed  200-250-word summary of
the research article.  Answer the question in the annotated bibliography as per the rubric
attached below.  The student may choose to either complete the written annotated
bibliography in a narrative format or may choose to utilize a table format (example

OTAP 1210 – Foundations in Occupational Therapy
B.6.1. Locate and demonstrate understanding of professional literature, including the quality of the source of information,
to make evidence-based practice decisions in collaboration with the occupational therapist.
* Explain how scholarly activities and literature contribute to the development of the profession.
B.6.2. Understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative research studies.
What is the
(Summary of
what the article
is about)
What were the
studying and
why? Was this a
qualitative or
study?  Explain.  
Who completed
and why are
they considered
to be credible
sources of
population was
Why was the
What were the
results of
How does this
research impact
the field of OT?
How can you, as
a therapist,
utilize this
evidence in your