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Slide 1: Introduction

Internship journey with Downtown Chambersburg Inc (DCI)

Worked on property owner and business inventory

Slide 2: Downtown Chambersburg Inc (DCI)

Dedicated to economic growth, community engagement, and cultural vibrancy

Founded with a mission to transform downtown Chambersburg into a thriving hub

Essential role in revitalizing the heart of our city

Driven by a commitment to preserving history while fostering innovation

Strives to create an inviting environment for residents and visitors alike

A driving force behind the enhancement of community identity and pride

Slide 3: DCI’s Mission and Vision

DCI’s mission: “To create a dynamic downtown environment that supports businesses, preserves history, and cultivates a strong community bond.”

Vision: To make Chambersburg a vibrant, livable destination where people can not only work but also truly experience the essence of local life.

DCI’s values are rooted in collaboration, innovation, and a deep appreciation for the community’s heritage.

Aims to create an ecosystem where businesses can thrive, residents can flourish, and visitors can engage.

Slide 4: DCI’s Initiatives

DCI’s initiatives are carefully crafted to align with its overarching mission and vision.

Focuses on fostering economic growth through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Organizes a wide range of community events that celebrate local culture and bring people together.

A key player in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the city through projects like public art installations.

Drives the creation of vibrant public spaces that encourage interaction and build a sense of belonging.

Initiatives have a ripple effect, contributing to the overall wellbeing and vitality of the community.

Slide 5: My Internship Task: Property Owner and Business Inventory

Task: Worked on property owner and business inventory

Gathered info from Franklin County tax parcels, compiled in spreadsheet

Slide 6: Importance of the Inventory 

Crucial for understanding downtown area, businesses, property owners

Shapes community and economic development strategies

Slide 7: Gathering Data

Extracted details from Franklin County tax parcels

Collected property owner and business information

Slide 8: Collaborative Approach

Collaborated with dedicated DCI team

Benefited from their guidance and insights

Slide 9: Spreadsheet Compilation

Organized data into comprehensive spreadsheet

Provides valuable resource for future DCI strategies

Slide 10: Building Relationships

Met local businesses such Council For The Arts (CFTA), Cheerful Flowers & gifts,etc

Built relationships with REmix Design and Cheerful Flowers and Gifts

Introduced to the local stores, comfortable day by day

Slide 11: Challenges and Rewards

Property and business inventory had challenges

Recommendations for those considering this internship

Emphasizing community engagement and diverse experiences

Slide 12: Conclusion

Internship contributed to project aligned with DCI’s vision

Gained skills, understanding of community development

Explored downtown Chambersburg, engaged with local businesses

Paragraphs for me to read alongside the presentation:

Slide 1: Introduction

Today, I am excited to share my journey as an intern with Downtown Chambersburg Inc (DCI).

Slide 2: Downtown Chambersburg Inc (DCI)

Downtown Chambersburg Inc (DCI) stands as a dedicated catalyst for economic growth, community engagement, and the vibrant cultural pulse of our city. Born with a resolute mission, DCI’s purpose revolves around the transformation of downtown Chambersburg into a thriving hub that radiates life and energy. At its core, DCI endeavors to rejuvenate the heart of our city, striking a harmonious balance between preserving our rich history and nurturing innovative pathways for the future. By cultivating an environment that resonates with residents and captivates visitors, DCI has emerged as a dynamic driving force, amplifying the essence of community identity and pride.

Slide 3: DCI’s Mission and Vision

The guiding force behind DCI is a steadfast mission that echoes: ‘To create a dynamic downtown environment that supports businesses, preserves history, and cultivates a strong community bond.’ This mission is intricately woven into DCI’s vision for Chambersburg—a vision that aspires to fashion our city into more than just a place to work, but a vibrant destination where life unfolds in all its richness. Rooted in values of collaboration, innovation, and deep-seated respect for our community’s heritage, DCI works ceaselessly to establish an ecosystem where businesses flourish, residents thrive, and visitors are genuinely touched by the pulse of local life.

Slide 4: DCI’s Initiatives

DCI’s initiatives are an artful orchestration designed to seamlessly harmonize with its overarching mission and visionary outlook. Anchored in its pursuit of economic prosperity, DCI collaborates strategically to nurture partnerships that foster growth. The organization’s heartbeat reverberates through a diverse array of community events, each meticulously curated to honor our unique culture while fostering connections. Moreover, DCI is at the forefront of elevating our city’s aesthetic allure through projects such as captivating public art installations. With a resolute commitment to crafting inviting public spaces, DCI actively shapes an environment where people come together, forging an intimate sense of belonging that ripples through the community.

Slide 8: Collaborative Approach

Collaboration was at the heart of my internship experience with DCI. I was fortunate to work closely with the dedicated team at DCI, whose unwavering support and valuable insights were instrumental throughout the journey. It was through their mentorship that I gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies of community development. From the very beginning, Linda B played a pivotal role in connecting me to this opportunity. 

Over brunch, my supervisor introduced me to several local businesses, including the Council for the Arts (CFTA), a nonprofit supporting the arts in Franklin County, REmix Design, specializing in interior design, and Cheerful Flowers and Gifts, a beloved local florist and gift shop.

Slide 10: Benefits and Impact

The property owner and business inventory projects presented their unique challenges. After about three weeks, the property inventory became more challenging as I had already identified a majority of the properties. For the business inventory, it was imperative for me to visit the stores to gather information that wasn’t readily available.However, I wholeheartedly recommend this internship. It’s conveniently located, making for an easy commute. This is especially advantageous for those without access to personal vehicles. My typical workday spanned from 10 am to 3:30 pm, occasionally extending to 4:30 pm. One remarkable aspect of this opportunity is that it doesn’t confine you to an office desk. You have the chance to venture out and engage with people, to witness firsthand the charm of downtown Chambersburg and its offerings, catering to individuals of all ages.