This assignment will provide an opportunity for students to create a professional memorandum report, as well as expand their knowledge of another culture’s business practices.  Understanding the depth of cultural influence will enhance your knowledge of all cultures and how to work with a wide variety of groups, as needed, in the future.

To Read:

Review Chapter 9 for information on reports. 

To Do:

This assignment will follow the format specified for the Memorandum Report (p. 259).  You’ve already written memos.  This is a longer version, yet more informal than a full formal report.  Students will compose a report on business practices in a country other than the United States.  (Students may choose any country of their choice.)

Context:  A supervisor has asked you, a manager, to research a specific culture’s business meeting expectations and practices.  The memorandum report is written from manager(you)  to a supervisor so that the first meeting between companies will be successful.  The manager should also suggest the best location for the meeting and the best communication tools for the meeting. In other words, will the first meeting be largely social to establish a relationship?  Or will the meeting also include a presentation/discussion of a specific topic?  Will the meeting take place in an office, and if so, whose?  Will the first meeting take place in a more “relaxed” environment like a restaurant or home, even?  In the United States, we tend to be direct and don’t like to “waste” time.  However, in some cultures, business partnerships begin through more fully developed personal or familiar relationships.  But do not assume that familiar means “casual” because it often does not.  

Research is essential (Four sources).  Because there are often standard and less common practices, students must be thorough in their research about said country’s business meeting expectations and practices.   For example, consider greetings, discussion practices, and general common courtesies that are expected in different cultures.  Sometimes hand gestures, expression, and physical space are critical.  Dress and posture may also be key to a successful business meeting.  Assigned seating in a room may also be significant.  Be thorough!  

For our purposes, both in-text documentation, as well as a list of references at the end of the memo, will be required in APA format.

Word count:  750+ words.

See Rubric and contact your professor with questions!