For this module’s assignment, you will conduct a case study on two recent cyber attacks. The focus of this assignment is to utilize the understanding gained in Modules 4 and 5 to conduct a good post-mortem of two well-known attacks and turn them into a briefing on lessons learned for your organization. Choose two cyber attacks that occurred from 2016 to the present day on which to conduct a detailed post-mortem. Your goal is to answer the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of the incidents. You must address all of the  Post-Mortem Discussion Points  outlined in this module’s reading and be succinct in your answers.The deliverable for this assignment is a two-part briefing for your supervisor and his executive leadership team to help them better understand, discuss, and assess their needs for a cyber threat intelligence capability based on the two case studies you are presenting:

  1. A short (no more than three pages per incident) written report
  2. A short (no more than five slides) PowerPoint presentation

Your report and presentation slides should complement each other so that they could be used together to make an effective presentation for the leadership team. The intent is to help focus the leadership team on the scope of the capability you propose, providing your rationale and methodology as needed to explain the options, with appropriate recommendations.The report and the slides can be organized and formatted in any manner you think best conveys the information and will be readily understood by the senior leaders. While relying on the content of this module will be essential, some amount of additional research may be necessary and desired. This briefing will further inform your final proposal due at the end of Module 7; portions of the briefing can and should be used as part of your final proposal.