Powerpoint Slides: In this part of the Postlab assignment, you continue to build your final presentation for the semester-long Wolbachia project.

  • Your final presentation for this course will include these slides that cover this information.
  • Refer to the Powerpoint “Style Guide” to earn a better grade!

Slide 1:  Create a slide that contains a table that presents the results from your DNA extraction from Exercise 5.  

  • Make a table on the slide using the tools within Powerpoint.
    • Do NOT insert a screenshot of the respective table from your lab manual.
  • Create an appropriate, descriptive title for the slide.
    • Hint: “Results” doesn’t tell you much! Would you want a newspaper headline to read “Election Happened,” or do you want to know who won the election?
  • Be sure to include the following information on the slide:
    • Insect Specimen Identification (your initials)
    • Insect Specimen Order Name (what you ID’d in Ex 3)
    • Extracted DNA Concentration (with correct units)
    • Extracted DNA A260/A280 ratio
      • Don’t report as a fraction: divide to get a number. For example, if your A260 is 2.5 and your A280 is 1.25, then your A260/A280 = 2.0.
    • Extracted DNA Quality
      • Hint: Is your sample clean or not? How do you know?  What else could be in abundance in your sample besides DNA?