Read Part 3 The spirit of Agency in your text and the articles linked in module.

  • To achieve the best grade, please follow the rubric.Your Critical Reflection should be about 1000 words.

As you read, make notes about your reactions, assumptions, implications, arguments, questions (see prompts in instructions) The idea of personal responses are to engage in thoughtful internal dialogue about the idea of global issues and education. You should attempt, in your understanding of the readings to get “underneath” what you read in order to understand the social, political, and cultural underpinnings of the issues.  Reading critically involves more than understanding the words or liking or disliking the texts; critical reading requires reflection.

You should discuss the following readings and videos:

Part 3 of your text book: What are the main points and what is the authors purpose?

Equity Literacy for all: describe the 5 guiding principles and how they influence teaching in the classroom.


The Power of self acceptance:  describe Harry Baker’s journey to self-discovery and the importance of self acceptance. How does this relate to the themes described in the textbook?

Your response should be written in a narrative form that is evident of engaging with the content and reflection. 

Equity Literacy for All