EDUC 850 02/27

Literature Review: Paper Assignment Instructions


A formal literature review should be approached strategically to ensure a high-quality review of the current literature that includes an analysis and synthesis of known research, knowledge, and thinking that precedes the proposed research. The purpose of a formal literature review is to advance the author’s knowledge about a problem of practice or a specific topic and to present the formal literature review as a justification, or argument, for conducting research and to provide the researcher with enough information to make an informed decision regarding the recommendations to improve educational practices.


For this assignment, you will use the information from the textbook reading and from the Individual Scholarly Works Template and the Comparative Template to write a 5-page literature review on your topic that addresses how the literature informs your problem of practice.  

·      The first page should be a correctly APA formatted title page that includes the title of your study written as a recommendation.

·      The second through fourth pages should be a formal review of the literature related to your topic. This review must have level one and level two headings. Include at least eight peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles using citations. You must use the articles from your Comparative Templates (Module 4: Week 4 and Module 6: Week 6). All articles must have been published within the last five years. You may not go over the page limit, and you must meet the page requirement. Writing concisely is a learned skill. This is your opportunity to practice. Your voice, as the researcher, must be evident in the paper. You may determine the headings to cover in your literature review based on your topic, and the headings must be logical for the topic chosen.

·      The last page must be the Reference page and it must include a minimum of eight scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles.

You must use the information from the textbook reading in Module 7: Week 7 to be successful on this assignment.