Edit the following three paragraphs for AP Style. You are looking for errors and correcting them. All you need to submit is the corrected version of the paragraphs (in paragraph form) to “Lesson Question 2” Link.The steady increase in housing prices in many of the nation’s priciest markets, including the WA and Oregon region, is expected to slow in coming years, analysts say, as the republican tax bill begins to reshape a major part of the American economy.For generations, the tax code has subsidized homeownership, particularly for people in the upper-middle-class and beyond. The Republican tax legislation, however, pushed in the opposite direction, scaling back subsidies once thought untouchable.The law allows interest to be deducted on mortgages only worth up to 750,000 dollars, instead of the previously existing $one million limit (people who got loans before December 15 are grandfathered into the $1 million limit). It also put a $10 thousand cap on the amount of state and local taxes, including property taxes, that can be deducted from the federal return.