Discussion Question

What kind of new input and output devices do you think future computers might have?  Why? Think of 3 examples of each. 



Some of the input devices I am thinking of might already exist, and I may have already read about them, or maybe they’re in the development stage, but Im not sure! Technology moves so fast and now we are entering the stage of hands free and automation.

A keyboard that is connected to a type of sensor reader so there is no actual board or pad but just the movements on a type of hologram

A chip reader that reads imbedded info, such as credit cards and vaccine status

Thought readers? Something that can materialize our thoughts…?!

Output devices:

A hologram touch screen monitor display

Embedded (in ear) speakers

Implant lenses (in our eye) as a screen for wireless devices…(I watch too many movies!!)

I think tech is just getting more sophisticated as well as personal and smaller! We already have earbuds with mics and speakers…people are already walking around seemingly talking to thin air…I think it could all be actually in the body someday!