Discussion 7

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Discussion:  There are 8 Discussion Questions on Canvas, basically one bi-weekly.  These are to be answered in roughly 300 words.  They are your thoughts (after reviewing the material).  Once an initial answer is posted, you will have access to others’ posts.  Please reply to at least one other student’s post with a follow-up question, additional thought, disagreement, etc.  Please respond if I ask you a question in your thread.  For each discussion question, you will get 12 points for the initial post of adequate size and thought and 6 points for adequate replies.  If you feel that you’d like to pad your grade, replying to your replies will certainly be noted if there are ever those “Can you round my 89.1% to a 90%?” questions.  Initial posts are due on Fridays, all responses are due by Sundays.

Choose one of the pages from this module to write about (Immigration & Frankenstein Veto).  Ask any questions you have, share your thoughts, discuss your insecurities.

To get you started.  Those immigration facts are totally accurate.  Kind of boggles the mind, right?  “Cross the right way” and “Wait in line” have different meanings now?  What is up with being so inhospitable? Land of opportunity, land of immigrants, of huddled masses…no more.  And what about social policies?  Did you know the realities of welfare? Funny how that word has a negative connotation in the USA…kind of like needing help is un-American?  What about income inequality?  What are your thoughts on that often talked about 1% issue?  Kind of strange to note that working herder will not make a difference in the harsh reality of class in the USA….huh?