Read classmates post and respond with 150 words:

There are many factors that might have contributed to Alexander’s MI.

1) Age: Alexander is 55 years old, and men aged more than 45 years old are more likely to land up into MI.

2) Hypertension: prolonged hypertension or raised blood pressure leads to damage to the arteries that lead to the heart. Hypertension along with obesity diabetes further increases the effect.

3) Diabetes: When there is no effect of insulin or there is very little secretion of Insulin from the pancreas, the blood sugar levels rise drastically, which may lead to higher attacks of MI, (Neighbors & Tannehill-Jon, 20218).

4)  Hypercholesterolemia: Due to a high level of low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol). there is a narrowing of the arteries. A high degree of triglycerides is a threatening condition that can increase the chance of MI.

5) Stress: Stress plays a significant role in the development of MI. Alexander had a divorce history recently, does full-time work which increased the level of stress.

6) Lack of physical exercise: Alexander walks only on the weekends. There is a lack of physical activity and hence is a potential threat.

7) Sedentary lifestyle: Alexander drinks four cups of coffee daily, does social drinking twice a week which is not good for health as they increase the chances of heart disorders.

The Normal Blood Pressure levels of the body should not exceed the level of 120/80 mm. Normal heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute, ((Edward R. Laskowski, 2020)

 Abnormalities in Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: There is an abnormality in CMP which is a level of glucose which is 250 mg/dl. The normal glucose level is less than 140mg/dl, (Mayo, 2020).

Over time, high blood sugar can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control the heart muscles. Blood flow through the arteries is increased when you have high blood pressure, this can damage your arteries. When an elevated glucose level does not fall, it is associated with excess mortality in STEMI patients without diabetes.

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