Directions: please follow explicitly 

*** primarily  this assignment is filling in the tables-  have attached all articles to use ****

  • Use the attached “Literature Evaluation Table to complete this assignment (not a word document) 
  • Refer to the “Levels of Evidence in Research” resource, 
  • While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected,
  • Using the “Levels of Evidence in Research” document (attached) to  rank the articles
  • Present your PICOT-D question ( this is already done already )
  1. Table 1: fill in  five primary quantitative research articles   ( I have attached 5 articles to use) 
  2. Table 2: fill in 5 primary or secondary quantitative research studies  ( I have attached 5 articles ) 
  3. Table 3: Present the nursing and change theory use-   (nursing – Virginia Henderson) (change theory- Kotter change model) pls find articles, be sure to cite approx 250 word (each)
  4. Table 4:  fill in explanation -Use DEVLIN et al., 2018 (its attached)