The subject of the Project Execution Plan is a project of the student’s own choosing.  Students will not physically carry out a project but will use the ideas to develop a project plan and create a status report.  Projects may vary widely and may include such areas as construction of a vacation home, installation of a LAN network, starting a new business, organizing a charity event, a marketing campaign, organizing a sports tournament, filming a movie, leading an expedition, and developing a new product.  The projects may be the students’ own work in the past or something they anticipate working on in the future or simply a factitious product.  The key is that the project provides a vehicle for demonstrating mastery of course concepts. Students will begin work in earnest in Unit 7 with their submission of a project scope statement and a project network (PERT) diagram.

1. The paper is to follow APA rules and guidelines. 

2. Effective reference of PM concepts from the course texts and other readings is encouraged and must be properly formatted. 

3. The paper is to be 2500 (+/- 10%) words in length. 

4. The paper must have a title page and a separate page for references (where they are used) at the end. It is expected that the introduction comprises no more than 10% of the paper, the body wherein the project scope, outcomes and objectives are described is to be roughly 70% of the paper, and the remaining 20% to be conclusion with recommendations/solutions/reflection.