Select a real business of any industry of your choice. Identify issues regarding managing data at that given business and its impact to the business.   Provide a planning document for viable database solution to resolve issues at given business. 

Assignment: Create a Project document

Following is the template for Project Scope document:

Title Page:   1st page, with details of course (number, name, section),name,net id, date of assignment submission.

Executive Summary (summary level paragraph about the business you choose what business problems or opportunities being addressed in this project and what approach you will take towards resolving the problems or achieving the business opportunities through viable database solution )

Business case (Business background, Data & Management issues, Business impact, Database solution, Benefit to business using Database Solution)

Project Objectives (products or services to be obtained as a result of project)

Project scope – total work to be done to achieve project objectives
Product scope – major deliverable to be produced towards project’s objectives

Assumptions and Constraints: (An assumption is anything you think to be true but there is no guarantee, and a constraint is a limitation on you and your project. Assumptions and constraints can be anything; they might be related to human resources, budget, technology, time or any kind of functionally.)

Major Deliverable, due dates, and acceptance criteria (list major deliverable to be produced, due dates of each deliverable, and acceptance criteria (set of conditions required to be met for the acceptance of each deliverable))