Case Study Analysis: Going to Extremes

Read and respond to a case study to demonstrate your understanding of, and ability to apply, the most important concepts of the module.

Review a case study of Zappos. You will find the case study in the attached files.

Write an integrated essay that addresses the following items:

  1. Find a list of all 10 of Zappos’ corporate values. Pick two of the values and explain how you think those values would influence the way employees do their work.
  2. Explain which areas where Zappos’ culture is very high (or typical).
  3. Describe how did Zappos’ corporate culture began and how Zappos’ corporate culture is maintained.
  4. Discuss what other companies could learn from Tony Hsieh and Zappos’ experiences.
  5. Describe what could be improved in Zappos’ corporate culture.

Your well-written proposal should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 3-4 pages in length.
  • APA formatted¬†
  • Cite a minimum of three scholarly sources, at least one of which is not provided in, or linked from, the course.¬†