Before posting to this discussion, please review the overview video of the move from No Child Left Behind to the Every Student Succeeds Act.

As you reflect on the video and your experience, discuss how educators can invest in their students. Address the following:

  • How does your philosophy relate to your strategies for investing in your students?
  • How can your experiences, the experiences of your classmates, and your philosophy affect how you approach the diversity of learning experiences in your school?

Now, imagine this scenario:

In the fall, you will be assigned to a new school. As a result of a massive redistricting and changing demographics, this school is very diverse, including ELL. In addition, the socioeconomic status varies widely with some affluent students and some students who live in poverty. While there are many resources in the school, a large number of the teachers are new or have fewer than 3 years of experience.

For this discussion, find an article and provide a short summary of the article and use it to answer the following questions:

  • What steps would you take to ensure that instructional strategies incorporate culture, social class, ethnicity, gender, and language? Explain how these strategies will likely be effective.
  • In what ways can those strategies be built into daily classroom activities? Provide an example.
  • Include personal experiences with teaching diverse students that you have observed in the classroom or from your own school experiences. Compare your experiences with other learners in the course and discuss the implications for classroom instruction of the diversity of learning experiences that emerge from this analysis.