ASSIGNMENT 2 (4 full pages)

Case: Health care professional to family as client (teaching and learning)

Sarah and Matt have a 5 year old boy named Sam. Sam is “big” for his age with a BMI over the normal for a boy his age. Write learning objectives to guide your teaching of Sam’s family related to the importance of physical activity for maintain optimal weight in children.

This assignment, writing of learning objectives, will allow you to gain knowledge that is foundational to the teaching learning process and provide you with the opportunity to partially achieve the course learning outcome: apply the teaching and learning process to a health-related situation in a systematic manner that reflects the principles of teaching and learning.

Based on the case study a clear, measurable objective must be written for each of the 3 domains cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.

Evaluation Criteria for Assignment 2 – Writing Learning Objectives

  • Articulate three objectives, one for each domain. Each objective is: learner-centered and discrete; written in clear, measurable terms; reflective of your assigned case study; reasonable for a three minute teaching session

Research Paper and essay writing SMART objectives:

  • Provide rationale including integration of theoretical knowledge that is, evidence-based practice to support each objective (4 marks)

To demonstrate integration of theoretical knowledge for each of the objectives (each linked to a learning domain). Please note the following website as it is useful and provides a simple explanation of each of the three domains: Make sure you read to the bottom of the website to “Next Steps” as it links to the affective and psychomotor domains.

Consider the levels of learning for each domain (Remembering, Understanding, Applying etc.) with appropriate verbs and activities for learning for each level of learning.

Once you have written the learning objective in a SMART format, a discussion of the level learning must be completed to demonstrate your understanding of the theoretical knowledge for domains of learning.

This must relate to the objective’s measurable outcome.

Provide the learning theory of influence (review the WHO (2012) document and which teaching model best relates to the objective and why. )

  • Provide evidence of application of course concepts and references of external sources as needed to support each learner centered objective (4 marks)

Consider for each objective (domains): your personal learning and teaching philosophy, patient learning style(s), resources that will be used, teaching location, motivation of learner, how can/does learning become included in patient care?

  • Accurate APA format including:
  • Accurate scholarly format including:


See this example assignment and follow the format


use the references that I provided above, you can add some more when needed