Annotated bibliography:

Topic: Mindfulness and education/Mindfulness and academic performance

The purpose of this annotated bibliography assignment is for you to start to prepare for the final research paper by reading 5 articles on your chosen topic and writing an annotation (summary) on each article. The summary should not be the abstract; it should be more detailed. (I’ve attached 8 articles that could be helpful for this topic, you can chose any 5 of them, or add different ones if you want to.)

Each annotation should be approximately 250-500 (double-spaced, 12-point font) words and should include the following information:

– Reference

– Annotation which includes

o   A couple of sentences describing the background/problem to be studied

o   Relevant theory or model if applicable

o   What gap does this study fill?

o   Purpose of the study

o   Specific hypotheses (if available)

o   Research design

o   Participants

o   Types of measures or instruments; if qualitative identify type of variables (independent; dependent; mediator; moderator etc.)

o   Procedures (online measures administered; experiment carried out; qualitative interviews)

o   Type of analysis used (described in general terms)

o   Findings (make sure they alight with research questions

o   How does this add to the literature?

o   Strengths and Weaknesses

o   Your own thoughts on how this paper adds to the other studies (e.g., only experimental or qualitative study; adds to other cross-sectional research; first to study in x population, why the paper is or is not particularly valuable in understanding the topic etc.).


You will be graded on the extent to which your annotations include the relevant information as described above. This includes your ability to pull out relevant information about your study as well as, importantly, your ability to reflect on the paper in terms of your own thoughts on the paper.