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Each student will select an technology and record a briefing to the class on its role and value to enterprise IT.  The presentation should inform the class of the following areas:

  • The potential benefits, technical and business, of the technology to enterprise organizations
  • Costs and risks associated with adopting the technology
  • Key leadership and management considerations for a successful selection and implementation
  • An overview of alternatives for competitive context

Students will also be expected to review and provide feedback on the presentations of their peers.


  • Students should notify the instructor of their subject technology to avoid duplicates by February 20.
  • Students will upload their recording, or a link to it, to this assignment.
  • Students may employ slides and other media as appropriate.


  • Select a specific capability, application type, or technology market.  Avoid broad technology categories (e.g. cloud computing, machine learning) and specific products (e.g. AWS Lambda, Salesforce Sales Cloud).  The individual markets covered by Gartner Magic Quadrants are good examples of a suitable scope: https://www.gartner.com/en/research/magic-quadrant (Links to an external site.)
  • Make a technology selection and inform the instructor early to confirm its suitability and seek guidance on questions and concerns.
  • Draw on the key topics covered in class so far and highlight the implications for business and organizational strategies, vendor selection, IT service management, digital transformation, and business operations.
  • Avoid going into technical details.
  • Provide a balanced picture of the technology to enable informed decision making.  Be realistic about situations where there may be better alternatives and avoid “over-selling” the technology.


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The textbook mentions that the chargeback funding method is considered the most equitable.  However, what are reasons an IT organization may choose to adopt one of the other methods: allocation or centralized budget?  Given such reasons, what are circumstances where the other methods would be more appropriate?